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2022 | New Digital Exhibition Hall

After more than 4 months, the decoration and renovation project of Huasu company's exhibition hall was finally completed. The exhibition hall has been adjusted and upgraded in multimedia, lighting, overall style, and other aspects. We hope it will bring visitors a novel experience journey through the decoration of the scene.

Exhibition Hall

Walking into this exhibition hall, the corporate logo area is engraved with the company's vision. We are customer-centric. Huasu constantly seeks more technological breakthroughs and continues to create maximum value for customers.

As one of the leading brands in the domestic battery safety management system industry, the product application area shows our programs are widely used in the data center, rail traffic, communication base station, energy storage, petroleum & petrochemical industry, and new energy vehicles, etc.

Exhibition Hall

According to high-quality products and long-term and reliable industry experience, we have achieved a dazzling reputation in many fields.

Huasu shows the automated production center in different ways relying on digital media. Trying to improve production efficiency with industrial automation innovation, Huasu strives to move toward the goal of full digital manufacturing.

We focus on research and development to drive production. In recent years, we have established our research institute and digital factory. Huasu continues to keep the concept of "customer first" and independent innovation to assist the development of the industry.

Exhibition Hall

The new exhibition hall has created an all-around and immersive exhibition space, from the production process to product installation; from business, fields to project cases; from technical strength to future development. We provide visitors with an easier way to understand the development of Huasu for 16 years.

Huasu's new exhibition hall, looking forward to your visit!