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Battery Management System Used In Energy Storage

The energy storage system can be regarded as a small power station that stores energy, its operation will not be affected by the pressure of the city's power supply. Huasu HL-BS large-scale energy storage lithium battery management system can be used in grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, and other application fields. The HL-BS system can provide protection for the battery pack, monitor the battery status in real-time, provide the early warning of faults, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of the energy storage system.

Applications of Battery Management System For Different Energy

  • Batteries are an important part of solar energy application. Huasu BMS can optimize battery usage, prolong battery life and save costs, as well as make the entire solar system operate more stably. It can help the system complete more efficient energy conversion and output.

  • In the wind power application, Huasu BMS realizes the detection of battery parameters and the calculation of battery status. It can provide early warning and control when the battery status is poor, avoid the occurrence of various safety accidents, and ensure the safe, stable, and efficient conversion and storage of wind power.

Advantages Of Battery Management System Used In Energy Storage

Huasu HL-BS system adopts a 3+1 level architecture to provide integrated system solutions for data acquisition, data analysis, logic processing, and data mapping. The system can provide overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, overtemperature, and short circuit protection for the battery pack. Meanwhile, it can also perform real-time detection and fault diagnosis of the security status of batteries, and accurately estimate the SOC/SOH.