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BMS Used in Ali Cloud Data Center

Ali Cloud Data Center is the computing brand under the Alibaba Group. It is a world-leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company. Huasu BMS provides security and safety for its critical backup power supply. Since 2015, Huasu has provided battery monitoring system products for Ali Cloud Data Center with its leading BMS technology and high-quality services. About 170,000 batteries are monitored by BMS products of the H3G series.

BMS Used in Ali Cloud Data Center

Case Study of Ali Cloud Data Center In BMS

As a product widely used by many high-end data centers, Huasu products use advanced power consumption reduction technology, and the working current is as low as 3mA, which does not affect the operation of the monitored battery. The high anti-interference design can block the ripple interference of high-power high-frequency UPS, which fully meets Ali Cloud Data Center’s high-level requirements for battery monitoring, energy saving and safety.

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