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BMS Battery System

BMS Battery System

Gerchamp is an innovative high-tech company specializing in BMS battery management system and battery monitoring system. Our different types of BMS in battery provide a state-of-the-art battery management platform for various industries and use cases while ensuring safety and reliability. Our high power BMS design is informed by more than a decade of research and development. If you want to learn more about the BMS battery diagram and BMS battery price, please contact us without hesitation.

Series of Battery Management System
The battery management system is a device that cooperates with managing the status of the energy storage battery. The BMS for battery pack mainly manages and maintains each battery unit intelligently, prevents battery overcharge and over-discharge, prolongs battery life, and monitors battery status.
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The battery monitoring system is mainly used for battery status monitoring and analysis of UPS power supplies, railway, substations, communication and finance data room etc. It is a battery fault online monitoring system that monitors the battery performance status with battery internal.
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Gerchamp BMS Advantages

Gerchamp BMS Advantages

Real-time & Online Management

The BMS for battery pack manages cells by providing real-time, online, and accurate data in a safe and reliable manner. It helps eliminate manual maintenance risk, and greatly reduce the cost.

Overall Function

The BMS in battery pack can monitor string voltage, charge/discharge current, float current, cell IR, cell temperature, ambient temperature, CDF discharge transient characteristic, alarm string thermal runaway, string insulation, cell electrolyte leakage, and open circuit. Estimate high-accuracy SOC/SOH with a built-in algorithm model.

Distributed Architecture

BMS battery pack adopts distributed system design, equipping each cell with an independent smart sensor. It provides simple and easy installation, hot-swappable connection, and online maintenance.

Intelligent Analysis

High voltage BMS detects low effective battey, monitor the safe operating environment, help battery selection, output analysis report clear and easy to understand via intelligent analysis.

  • Real-time & Online Management
  • Overall Function
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Intelligent Analysis

How BMS Guarantees the Stable Operation of Data Center?

Gerchamp BMS battery management system provides integrated solutions for data acquisition, data analysis, logic processing, and data mapping. Our smart battery monitoring system can provide overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, overtemperature, and short circuit protection for BMS controller battery, real-time detection, fault diagnosis, and early warning of battery safety status, accurate estimation of SOC/SOH, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the backup power system of the data center.

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