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The benefits of battery safety management

1. Real-time monitoring of batteries, timely detection of performance deterioration batteries

2. The current status, operation and maintenance of the battery are very clear to personnel.

3. Early warning of potential security risks, timely processing, to avoid security accidents

4. Significantly reduce labor and operation and maintenance costs

5. Ensure that the battery monitoring data is valid and reliable, and avoid data distortion that may be caused by manual measurement

6. Accumulate a large amount of data analysis results, which is beneficial to the selection of battery brands and models

Why monitor battery internal resistance?

Usually we confirm the battery condition by discharging the battery. In this way, we can handle the actual capacity, but it is very time-consuming. After related research, we found that the internal resistance of the battery will increase because the battery capacity will decrease with the increase in the use time. If we regularly monitor the internal resistance of the battery and compare it to the initial internal resistance, it will be easy to detect changes in the battery's performance and identify the faulty battery.

Why monitor battery temperature?

The temperature of the battery is like the temperature of the human body. When there is a problem with the internal temperature of the battery, it will tend to rise. Like when the battery is short-circuited, the charging voltage is too high, which will cause the temperature to rise. Therefore, problems with the battery pack can be detected early by monitoring the temperature inside the battery.

Can the products be controlled remotely?

Yes, the control unit can be controlled remotely, and the capacity unit can be controlled by the control unit and discharge the battery. However, when the battery pack is discharging, it requires manual operation or other control methods separate from the power system. We have completed the entire system including the charger through remote control technology, but this method has not been promoted, mainly because the stability of the current DC screen is not enough, and the manufacturer cannot guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the remote control function. At present, the technology of long-distance discharge products on the market is still immature, and most of them are experimental, which is not suitable for promotion. It is recommended that users do not use this product at present.

Do the products have a balancing function?

Yes. We use the method of shallow charging and discharging the battery until the battery voltage is balanced.

How do the products solve line interference and environmental interference?

We have considered various interference conditions in the design process; therefore, we are doing special EMC treatment to the circuit to meet the requirements specified in UL and DL/T856-2004, and we have the corresponding EMC test report.

Can the device access third-party systems? How to enter?

Yes. It's easy to access your third-party systems. Usually, it only takes a day or two for you to place the program. The H3G system comes with a special serial port for use by third-party systems and supports the MODBUS protocol. The control module comes with RS485 and network ports, supports Modbus/RTU/Modbus/TCP/SNMP protocols, and has dry contact outputs, so it can easily access third-party systems. Specific access methods and communication protocols can be provided by our customer service 

Which international standards does HUASU BMS meet?

EMC: EN61326-1:2013 


Safety: EN61010-1:2010 


UL、CE、ROHS、FCC、ISO14001、ISO45001、ISO9001、ROHS、TTL and so on.

HL-BS system advantages

① Online transparent transmission upgrade

② Single cluster slave bidirectional IO automatic address coding

③ Multi-type high-precision current sensor access

④ Eliminate the influence of Y capacitance in the cluster PCS on the insulation acquisition

⑤ The master control supports multi-channel environmental equipment access

Protection board application scenarios?

Backup, base station protection board - support 16 strings of voltage acquisition, charge and discharge control, 10A/20A current limit, indicator light alarm

Home storage, household protection board - support 16 strings of voltage acquisition, charge and discharge control, 10A current limit, indicator light alarm, and PCS communication

Optional accessories for home storage protection board?

Optional Bluetooth/WIFI module, display screen, split board, light board