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Gerchamp showcases high-efficiency Data Centre BMS Solution at Data Centre World Paris 2023

November 15-16th, Gerchamp made presence at the Data Centre World Paris 2023 with G-TH BMS and G-TH WL wireless BMS lineup tailored for data centre scenarios, along with G-BP back-up lithium battery BMS solution which offer significant advantages in terms of high efficiency, high reliability, and high stability.



With SOC error less than 5% and advanced power consumption reduction technology, the G-TH BMS and G-TH WL wireless BMS received significant attention from the visitors to the event. Its superior features, including high efficiency, high arithmetic, and reliability, contribute to reducing cost, delivering exceptional value and returns on investment.


By the chance of Data Centre World Paris 2023, the Gerchamp team had a great time catching up with customers and learning about the latest industry trends. GERCHAMP continues to strengthen our relationships with our European partners and shape a more professional future for data centre industry with high-quality BMS.