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48V Battery Protection Board

The C48 lithium battery protection board can provide protection for ternary, lithium iron phosphate, and other battery packs. It can monitor the status of the battery pack, and achieve accurate calculation of SOC and SOH during charging and discharging. This BMS for lithium-ion battery can also provide voltage monitoring and balance protection functions during charging. Parameter configuration and data monitoring can be performed through computer software. The protection board can be widely used in indoor and outdoor base stations, photovoltaic energy storage, wind power energy storage, household energy storage, etc.

c48 50cl10 s07 bms battery management
c48 100cl10 s11 battery power management system

Features of 48V Battery Protection Board

  • The module can manage the lithium battery pack in real-time.

  • Battery internal indicators monitoring. (battery temperature, ambient temperature, MOS temperature, High-accuracy SOC/SOH, etc.) 

  • Support multiple ways to the dormancy awakening. 

  • Charge and discharge control and protection functions.

Function of 48V Battery Protection Board

  • Battery information management


  • Display function

  • Intelligent Equilibrium

  • RTC

  • Self-check function

  • Alarm reporting

  • Data recording

  • Heating Function

  • Current diverter

  • MOS charge and discharge control circuit

  • Adjustable parameter settings

  • Abnormal protection 

Specification of 48V Battery Protection Board

Measuring contentAccuracy
Cell voltage≤±10mV
Total voltage≤3%
Temperature measurement≤2°C

Measuring contentRange
Power Consumption≤1w
Current Consumption≤20mA (working); ≤100μA(dormancy)

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