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PPS300 Portable Power Station

The PPS300 portable power station is a battery-powered generator that keeps your gear charged up and ready wherever you are. From traveling, camping to home backup, you can effortlessly carry around, this portable battery power station will help you get convenient and consistent power.

battery charging management system

Features of PPS300 Portable Power Station

  • Small size and light weight

  • Portable

  • No noise, no pollution

  • High conversion efficiency

  • Be controlled by software

  • LCD intelligent display 

Function of PPS300 Portable Power Station

  • Integrate alternating current and direct current

  • Three charging modes, supports solar panel charging

  • Multiple output modes

  • Equipped with LED lighting system

  • Pure sine wave output

  • Be controlled by software, equipped with LCD smart display

Specification of PPS300 Portable Power Station

Normal Rated   Power300W
peak power600W
Battery   Capacity;296WH
Battery modelternary power battery
DC output12V10A
Net   Weight/Gross Weight3.4/5KG

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