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Wired Battery Monitoring System

Wired Battery Monitoring System

Wired Battery Monitoring System is a kind of smart battery monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of normal battery parameters and intelligent alarms analyses of battery state through key safety indicators. The IOT based battery management system has the characteristics of stability, reliability, and strong anti-interference. The main function is real-time online battery parameters monitoring and thermal runaway trend warning, and timely warning of battery faults to ensure battery safe operation.

Wired IOT Battery Management System Types

Wired IOT Based Battery Monitoring System Working Process

TH module

TH module is used to measure the voltage, battery temperature, and internal resistance of the battery. One TH comes with one battery and is connected by a communication cable. TH is connected to the battery by TH test cable. As for the test cable color, red is for the positive pole and black is for the negative pole.


When there is a green light on the TH module, it means that the module is working properly. When there is a red light, it means that the internal resistance is being tested.

TC and CT sensor

TC module can measure the ambient temperature and at the same time it is combined with CT Sensor to measure the charge and discharge current of the battery. TC is connected to CT sensor by TC test cable.


Different modules test different data, and then we need to create a battery loop/circuit, and eventually, all data will be collected to CM, which can be displayed on it, or on a web page, but that requires the connection between PC and CM Module.

Difference Between Wired And Wireless Battery Monitoring System


Wireless Battery Monitoring System uses the unique ZigBee wireless communication technology, this technology makes communication more efficient and convenient.


Innovative wireless relay function: Effectively reduces the wireless communication packet loss rate between the sub-module and the control module.


Wireless Battery Monitoring System will reduce the on-site wiring by half and avoids the potential safety hazards of too many cables. It also helps save costs.

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