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Battery Management System Used In Public Utilities

Battery Management System is essential to the utility industry. Huasu BMS provides long-term backup power security support to the public utilities. This system can ensure the stable operation of the public power system, monitor the operation and monitoring status of the battery pack in real-time, and avoid the impact of power outages on the public utility industry.

Considerations For Battery Management System In Public Utilities

  • Huasu product has obtained many quality certifications.

  • Manage cells by providing real-time, online and accurate data in a safe and reliable manner.

  • Convenient installation and maintenance.

  • Perfect functions: Open circuit; CDF transient characteristic curve; Intelligent equilibrium, etc.

Advantages Of Battery Management System Used In Public Utilities

Huasu BMS is a full-featured online management system that has obtained a number of product quality certifications. The system can remotely view data and realize online monitoring, which is highly convenient. Meanwhile, the maintenance of the product is also convenient, the staff can carry out maintenance online without going to the site. Huasu BMS is easy to install and can be installed without professional training. This product has a strong anti-interference function and can operate normally in a variety of complex environments.