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Battery Management System Used In Transport

Rail batteries are an important part of the rail transit power supply system. At this point, the monitoring and management of faults and states help ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power supply system and the rail vehicles. Huasu independently developed and produced the distributed city rail transit battery safety management system. The system can replace manual measurement and obtain real-time and accurate data. It has a safe and reliable operation, easy module installation, convenient installation and maintenance.

Case Study of Battery Management System Used In Transport

  • Since 2011, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other subway stations have fully adopted the Huasu battery online monitoring system. In the past ten years, Huasu has provided 200,000 sets of battery safety monitoring for national rail transit.

  • Since 2013, the national high-speed railway (Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal High-speed railway network) has adopted the Huasu battery safety monitoring system in an all-around way. Until 2021, Huasu has provided 80,000 sets of battery safety monitoring for high-speed railway stations across the country.

  • In Beijing Daxing International Airport in 2019, Huasu was recognized by users for its ultra-high technical standards, reliable product quality, and perfect service. Huasu provides battery safety monitoring solutions for Beijing's large international airport project and monitors thousands of batteries.

Functions of Battery Management System Used In Transport

Huasu CR battery management system is committed to intelligent analysis and gives an early warning of vehicle battery safety indicators. The system adopts the distributed architecture mode, it can be connected to the train communication network through the interface to realize the remote centralized management of the battery.